Pemandangan Laut Raja Ampat (Papua)

Raja Ampat Islands location in East Indonesia, Precisely in Province of West Papua. Consist of about 1500 small islands. Raja Ampat cast a spell on all who visit-scientists,photographers, novice divers and crusty sea-salts alike. This group of majestic islands, located in northwestern tip of indonesia’s, lies in the heart of the coral triangle, the most bio-diverse marine region on the earth.
Like large predatory carpets, funky tassled wobbegongs were found lounging on several large table corals. Yet again, towards the end of the dive, floating amongst an absurdly beautiful zone of corals and gorgonians. It mesmerized even the most seasoned `been there, done that’ diver amongst us. Beginning on a wall smothered in sponges, corals, crinoids, or tunicates, we drifted leisurely around some bends, noting a few reef sharks below and an occasional green or hawksbill turtle munching on a sponge. Approximately two-thirds of the way through the dive we ascended into one of the most intricate and aesthetic coral gardens in the Pacific Ocean. Ranging from 20 to 5 feet deep, it was difficult to believe that the beauty there wasn’t a mirage. While I meditated on the splendor of the shallows, thousands of silver sides encased me in a whirlwind of silver and blue.

Most of the areas reefs are pristine, with mile of pristine, with mile after mile of perfect hard corals, drift after drift of Dendronephiya corals of many species and colors ranging from brilliant red, to shocking yellow pretty pink and exotic purple. Most reef divers are very colorful. It is easiest to fly through to Sorong via Jakarta or via Singapore. Merpati Air, Express Air and Lion Air operate dailyflights from Jakarta to Sorong City With Transit in Makassar City(South Sulawesi) and/or Manado City(North Sulawesi). Whereas Silk Air operates regularly to Manado City. Regular flights to and from Sorong City by Airlanes Merpati and Lion Wings. Check directly with Papua Diving for current schedule or click on flightschedule for latest flight information.

Raja Ampat Islands Images:

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